Porch Piece Brainstorming


What We Were Working With:

Dirt covered, afflicted with chipping paint, grimy with dirt and sand, this porch piece was hidden by the side of my apartment for a good month before we got a chance to check it out and figure out what to do with it. There were metal re-bars poking out the sides and lots of wooden shards doing their thing along the cut edges.

The Ideas: 

Upon seeing this monster leaning against a frat house wall, Tim immediately exclaimed: “Oooh, we can stick empty liquor bottles in that inner curve part by drilling in holes that can perfectly fit the necks of the bottles and then stick Christmas lights in them! That would be the best wall piece ever…”

Upon trying to hoist this thing over to his lab and finally getting a good look at it, Tim decided: “Maybe we should try plastic panels instead.”

What We’re Doing with It:

Inserting light bulbs along the smaller curved pieces of wood. Covering the circular gaps with sheets of colored plastic cut in segments. Covering this plastic with a thicker layer of frosted plastic. Ending up with the best wall piece ever…



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