Age of Aquarium


What We Were Working With:

The television is actually detachable (not easily, but we’ll make it happen) and is surrounded by a great case made of smooth, unmarked wood!

The Ideas:

Jenny: Aquarium! Aquarium! Aquarium! Let’s turn the monitor into the front of a fish tank!!!

Tim: I don’t wanna mess with the residue from all that electrical stuff back there…

The innards

Jenny: Uhhh, okay, that sounds good.

(Side note: Apparently, cathode rays…which are installed in all types of monitors of this sort…can EXPLODE if removed improperly)

Tim: How about a desk? We can cut out this bottom piece and turn these into faux drawers.


What We’re Doing With It:


But instead of using the monitor, we’ll be building our own plastic tank, made possible thanks to Tim’s nifty plastic bonding super powers. I’ll be painting the exterior some ocean blue colors, and my wonderful friends Chandler Klein and Gary Kafer will be illustrating a sea-scape around the tank!


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