Antique TV

Previous owner: Probably the coolest grandpa on earth.

Date found: February 2, 2012

Furniture Hack Status: In Progress

Jenny’s disappointing attempts to get a story: I found this amazing piece of furniture on Craigslist, and the listing directed me to call a phone number. I’m not much of a phone talker, so I need a lot to stir up enough courage to dial a stranger and ask permission to take their stuff. This antique tv did the trick, though! I immediately had dreams of turning the tv into this:








More strokes of luck: it turned out, the owner lived just a few blocks away in West Philly! He was a very welcoming, generous man who is actually in the line of refurbishing townhouses in Philadelphia so that they can be rented out to other residents. Oftentimes, the residents would move out and leave A LOT of their junk treasures behind. I also noticed a pool table stacked upside down in the middle of the gutted living room…

With help from him, his son, my boyfriend, my worried glances (and my uselessly flailing arms), we managed to slide the monstrous device into the back of a sedan.

When it came time to trace these stories, I turned to my phone’s history and discovered, much to my absolute horror, that the number had been forgotten! I googled countless variations of: “Oh my gosh my phone won’t tell me things I want it to, what do I do?” and even downloaded a program that transports call logs from iPhones to computer hard drives. Nothing could retrieve that number. And since I didn’t even have the antique tv owner’s email address, I had no way of looking back at one of my memory outsource tools (I think this is what electronics should be referred to from now on…) to reach out to him again.

Alas, we may never know who the original owner of this ancient tv is! But much hope to hacking it into something that plenty of people in the future will find useful and practical in their homes (which is why we’re turning it into an aquarium…)


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