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The Tele-quarium…Telly Out!


Last week, it was major crunch time for us to get our antique tv ready for our presentation at the Writers House on Wednesday!

Held back by…a ridiculously difficult to remove monitor! Jenny spent a frustrating day getting it out:















Just needed a little more painting around the black frame still marked by primer and a plastic fish tank!


The Chair Makes a Public Appearance


We brought our chair to the Kelly Writers House Night of the Living Room event, a brief program dedicated to showcasing what Tim and I have been up to so far!

A huge surprise for Jenny — upholstered chairs have LOTS of staples. We brought our chair along to see if we could inspire any brave souls to help us pull out a few of the jillion staples in this thing.

It still needs some work….

Night Time Porch Painting…


…all the rage with the kids these days!

Time to get our antique tv a new paint job.

First, a trip to Lowe’s to grab some paint supplies:


Paint Primer

For a sponge effect with the second color

The paints: Sea Isle and French Riviera. Think we got the water tones nailed down.

Painting wood like this requires a base layer of primer. I used some white spray-on primer that’s good for all surfaces. Here’s the before and after:


After: Ghostly White!

Then, I painted on two layers of “Sea Isle” and sponged on “French Riviera”. Better pics in the day time coming up soon!

At least one of us looks presentable...


After 2 coats...


Age of Aquarium


What We Were Working With:

The television is actually detachable (not easily, but we’ll make it happen) and is surrounded by a great case made of smooth, unmarked wood!

The Ideas:

Jenny: Aquarium! Aquarium! Aquarium! Let’s turn the monitor into the front of a fish tank!!!

Tim: I don’t wanna mess with the residue from all that electrical stuff back there…

The innards

Jenny: Uhhh, okay, that sounds good.

(Side note: Apparently, cathode rays…which are installed in all types of monitors of this sort…can EXPLODE if removed improperly)

Tim: How about a desk? We can cut out this bottom piece and turn these into faux drawers.


What We’re Doing With It:


But instead of using the monitor, we’ll be building our own plastic tank, made possible thanks to Tim’s nifty plastic bonding super powers. I’ll be painting the exterior some ocean blue colors, and my wonderful friends Chandler Klein and Gary Kafer will be illustrating a sea-scape around the tank!

Stripping It Down


With the chain installed, it was up to me to figure out how to re-upholster this chair. But re-upholstery (surprisingly) isn’t my forte. So I decided to gut the chair and replace a lot of the cushioning with wooden slats. Here’s the gutting part at least:

How it started out...

Whoops, there goes the back!

Weapon of Choice: Exacto Knife

All done...sitting high and mighty in my porch's corner

Chain of Fools


Chain, chain, chain…we sure got some links in our chain 😉 (really hoping other people listen to Aretha Franklin…)


Before we could get some chains into our chair, Tim and I sliced some of the fabric off to see if we were working with some solid pieces of wood.

Chair Rippin'

Chair sturdiness testin'?

After the shenanigans, Tim installed two sets of chains to each side of the chair by drilling four thick bolts into each corner of the wooden base. Can’t wait to see this baby hanging up!

The chains installed!


How the chain links up!