Flowered Chair

Previous owner: Robin

Date found: February 2, 2012

Furniture Hack Status: In Progress

Robin’s Story:

“So you want to know about the chair. Well about 6 years ago I wanted a chair for my bedroom, somewhere to read. I walked over to the thrift shop around the corner, and there it was – the perfect chair for my bedroom. It matched my curtains! Now the guy at the store did tell me there was a little crack in the rear leg, but it was 80 dollars and I didn’t plan on jumping on it. Turns out I was a little wrong in that assumption. So  we walked the chair between us to my house; I lived that close. Well I never seemed to read in that chair but my clothes sure saw a lot of it. Finally, I decided to move it into my office and read in there. It looked so nice and it’s so comfortable. Everything was fine until I decided to get a dog. I went on CL and saw the cutest dachsunds, only wanted one but the lady said they couldn’t be separated and I had to take both, so I did. Well everytime I was on the computer Oscar and BoBo made that chair their own. I could never sit on it, let alone read there! One day they were running all over the house together rough housing and BAM! BoBo landed on the chair and down he went, broke the leg. He only weighs 14lbs! Hes a strong little guy, though. I think Oscar landed right on top of him so he contributed to the chair’s demise. Sadly, I had to let the chair go. I went to the free section of Craigslist and Jenny came along and saved it. I’d like to see it swinging…can’t imagine it to tell you the truth.”


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