If you’re interested in becoming involved with this project, you have plenty of different opportunities!

First, you could take one of our finished pieces of furniture and make it part of your own home and your own personal history. We only ask that you let us know what you’re doing with it! Send us pics of where you put it in your home and update us with any stories that come up. We’ll update our blog as your furniture lives with you 🙂

Second, you could donate your worn out or broken furniture. We’ll definitely take it in and see what we can make with it! And we’ll keep you updated with what goes on. We’ll also ask you to let us conduct a short interview so we can better understand who your furniture is (to clarify, we’ll be talking with you during the interview, not your furniture).

Third, you can lend us a hand! If you have any skills with painting, construction, photography, blogging, editing, writing, interviewing, hammering, etc., we’d love some of your help. And if you don’t have any skills, we’d love some of your help!

If any of the three ways to get involved with Furniture Hacking appeals to you, please feel free to send an email to Jenny Chen at cjenny@sas.upenn.edu. And if you can come up with another way to get involved that we haven’t come up with, also send an email!


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