Previous Owner: A 39th and Sansom Fraternity House

Date Found: February 5, 2012

Furniture Hack Status: Completed

Jenny’s Story:

“I had stowed away the antique television and flowered chair (our first two furniture finds) in my apartment. Tim visited to check out the pieces and start brainstorming about possible reconstructions and renovations. He wanted to insert lots of empty alcohol bottles and lights. Everywhere. Should I have been concerned?

A few weeks ago, a row of frat houses about a block from my apartment started to undergo construction — they were renovating the porch and installing a wheelchair lift. I had passed by several times to get to class, and avoiding the fenced off side of the frat house had become routine.

When we left my apartment on that fated night, Tim and I passed by that fenced off portion. But this time, something caught his eye. Something really big…and really hard to carry. A piece of the wooden porch that had been removed was lying behind the fence against the side of the house, looking dull and forlorn…and really heavy. He immediately pointed and said, “Can we have it?” I wasn’t one to kick aside fences…or pick up heavy things, so I shook my head, no. But he was adamant, and he had more wild ideas about how we could insert alcohol bottles into this porch piece. I thought he was kidding, and then he thought I was kidding when I said, okay, let’s do it, but then we somehow started to take each other seriously. And that night, the really heavy porch piece ended up getting tucked away behind the side of MY house. Sorry, arms.”

The Completed Piece

Check out how we transformed this porch castaway into an illuminating wall piece by clicking on the Porch Piece Blog menu item!


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